Training for endless hours, endurance athletes have a lot of time to think. As a triathlete, I know this to be true. One persistent thought I could never quite shake… why aren’t there more products that share our drive to go beyond expectations. Yes, there are products that help cheat the wind, save a few watts of power and calculate our minutes per mile… but I wanted to find competitive products that weren’t reserved for competition – products that would celebrate the warrior spirit in all of us.

When I crossed the finish line at the Ironman World Championship, I was emboldened with this idea. I had survived the lava fields of Kona and accomplished something I had spent years pursuing. I felt I could accomplish anything. My next quest would be to bring new exceptional products to market.

On a recent trip back to Hawaii with my family, I visited a coffee farm in the Ka‘u District on The Big Island. The farm was simple and understated, but served up the best tasting coffee I had ever tried. As I inquired further, I learned that this small, family-run business had won numerous national and international awards for its coffee products. The family possessed the exact same warrior spirit I experienced with the Ironman athletes. At that moment, Made Like Iron was born. I had found a product worthy of people who continually give it their all.

I invite you to try our Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee. I promise, once you do, you will never want to drink another coffee brand again. Let us know what you think. And look for more Made Like Iron products coming soon.


Tom O'Brien
CEO & Ironman


Recent Update

Made Like Iron, CEO Tom O’Brien was featured on the TeamHotShot.com for his race at Ironman 70.3 Hawaii


What’s Kaʻu Coffee? Well… in short, it is the richest, most exquisite coffee produced on planet Earth. Grown exclusively in the Kaʻu region of the Big Island of Hawaii, this single-origin coffee grows at the ideal elevation in soil forged from fire. The result is an exceptional flavor profile of brown sugar sweetness, with floral and citrus notes. Blended for optimal versatility, Made Like Iron Special Reserve is perfect for espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, or enjoying as a straight brew – hot or cold.

Small Region. Big Flavor

Kaʻu, the southernmost region of The Big Island of Hawaii, is famed for its active volcanoes, black sand beaches and excellent coffee-growing climate. Located on the southern slope of the Mauna Loa volcano, these select coffee fields are planted in rich volcanic soil at an elevation between 1,600 and 2,500 feet. Bright sunshine and cool breezes combine together to produce award-winning coffee beans.

Hand-Selected and
Roasted In Small Batches

Each bean for our Made Like Iron Special Reserve is harvested by hand and slow-roasted in small batches at a medium temperature. This brings out a smooth, rich flavor that never tastes over-roasted or bitter.

Orders are individually packed right after roasting and immediately shipped for maximum freshness. You’ll notice the beans are “dry” with no oily sheen... the sign of a perfectly roasted bean.

Partners in Grind

Made Like Iron Special Reserve is grown and roasted by the award-winning team at Rusty’s Hawaiian. Their sustainable, family-owned farm in Pahala on The Big Island of Hawaii is the key source for our premium coffee. Founded by legendary coffee grower Rusty Obra, we salute their continued commitment to producing the finest coffee available anywhere.

Rusty's Hawaiian, Coffee Review 93 points 2014


As an official village sponsor of the Ironman World Championship, Made Like Iron will proudly serve up our Special Reserve coffee at the Athlete Expo October 2nd – 8th. If you’re in Kona competing or spectating, be sure to visit us and fuel up for the day, or come by in the afternoon to celebrate your accomplishments. Look for our booth across from the main stage.

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