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Like fine wine, world class coffees are also rated on a scale of 0-100.  For coffee, the independent international rating service is called Coffee Review.   In 2020, Coffee Review awarded us a 93 Points Rating.  
The flavor profile for fine wines and coffees are all about the “terroir” on the front end and craftsmanship on the back end. Fortunately, we have the perfect setting for our farm located on the southern slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii's Big Island.  The high elevation combined with rich, volcanic soil and cool Pacific breezes provide ideal growing conditions.
We are proud that our farm reached the pinnacle of coffee growing in 2010 when we were voted Coffee Farm of the World.  Our world class team at Made Like Iron carefully tends our arabica typica coffee trees utilizing sophisticated sustainable farming techniques that are the envy of other Hawaiian coffee farms.
The result...our trees deliver world class, huge, bright red coffee cherries bursting with flavor.  These cherries contain the magical beans that are destined to become 93-point rated Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee.  We carefully remove the pulp and then dry the hand-selected beans in the bright, Hawaiian sunshine.  
Our expert artisans carefully roast each bag upon order until we achieve perfect caramelization.  This seals in the brown-sugary sweetness and antioxidants which are released when you grind and brew them, creating the perfect cup of coffee.  Hints of citrus and floral notes waft over your palate as you enjoy each and every sip.  Don't worry, we'll keep making more, so drink up!
Now available at Maverick Chocolate stores at Rookwood Commons and Findlay Market in Cincinnati!

You can buy our coffee on-line and ship it anywhere in the world.

For our local Cincinnati, Ohio customers, we offer a FREE Home Delivery Service. When you check out, you will be given the option of shipping from Hawaii or Free Local Delivery.  You can also place local orders in Cincinnati by emailing us at:  Mahalo!