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It all started in October 2003 when our family traveled to the Big Island of Hawaii where I competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Over the years, we all fell in love with the Hawaiian people and their rich culture, the natural beauty of the island and the exceptional coffee from this magical place. 

When we returned years later with our boys, Michael and Alex, we cultivated a very special relationship with Mama Lorie Obra and her family. Her farm in the Ka`u region on the southern slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano is in the perfect location for growing exceptional coffee and was voted Coffee Farm of the World in 2010.

So in October 2016, fueled by the same spirit that drove the Polynesians to paddle across the Pacific Ocean to discover Hawaii, we joined forces and launched a new brand called Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee to serve the world’s coffee lovers.  Our goal was to help Mama Lorie expand her business and reward her for all the time, effort and money she and her family invested throughout the years.  We launched our new brand as the Official Coffee Sponsor of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kona.  We selected an ancient petroglyph of the paddler warrior as our brand icon.  This embodies our tagline "Kulia i ka nu`u" which translates to "Strive for the summit".
After thousands of customers purchased Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee, we decided to branch out and find like-minded artisans in other food categories who would appreciate adding our exceptional coffee to their products to create something extraordinary.
In June 2020, after one year in development, we launched our new Made Like Iron Special Reserve Hawaiian Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar. Our first ever chocolate bar was created in collaboration with our friends Ben and Paul Picton at Maverick Chocolate, a renowned chocolatier in Cincinnati, Ohio. This “mocha” bar combines our award-winning 93 point rated Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee with ethically-sourced, organic cocoa beans from an amazing farm in Belize. We are proud to work with the Maverick Chocolate and look forward to serving these to our combined customers for years to come.
So why stop there? In July 2020, we introduced another new product to the Made Like Iron family…our new Made Like Iron Coffee Buzz Pale Ale!  We are proud to collaborate with CEO, Dan Lynch and Chief Brewmaster, Jim Strelau, from Little Miami Brewery in Old Milford, Ohio. It’s a flavorful, easy-drinking brew that starts with just the right amount of hops and finishes with the smooth and rich flavor of our Made Like Iron Special Reserve Coffee. We look forward to working with Little Miami Brewery to create other new beers with our coffee!
We want to thank our loyal customers in the U.S.A. and around the world for supporting the O’Brien and Obra families as we work to fuel your fire with the best-tasting coffee products in the world!